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Analysis on the prospect of the reducer industry in China

Release date:2016-06-16 Views:990

Benefit from the industrialization and urbanization process and the country's attention to the machinery manufacturing industry, speed reducer industry as one of the basic equipment industry in china. At the same time, China's economic development into the depth adjustment period, the speed reducer industry also entered the transformation and upgrading.
Recently (June 19), domestic enterprises for independent R & D of cycloid enveloping precision reducer, harmonic reducer, cycloid ball reducer, round side motor reducer 4 section of high precision reducer in Shanghai International gear transmission equipment exhibition with the international high-end robot decelerator competing against.
This is a major breakthrough in the field of precision reducer made in china. Reducer as an indispensable transmission equipment in the modernization drive, is used in various industries.
Downstream industry to promote the development of the reducer industry
The downstream application industry of the speed reducer mainly includes the national economy and various fields of national economy and national defense industry, such as heavy transport, cement building materials, heavy mine, metallurgy, electric power, aviation and so on. Because the downstream market is awesome, optimistic about the development prospects of reducer industry in China, concrete analysis is as follows:
1, lifting transport equipment industry demand for the reducer
China's heavy transport equipment manufacturing industry is facing good opportunities for development. Accelerate the implementation of urbanization, so that the construction of urban infrastructure has spawned a huge demand for machinery and equipment, which has created a good macro environment for the development of heavy transport equipment manufacturing enterprises.
Lifting and transportation equipment is the most widely used gear reducer industry, the development speed of the industry has a direct impact on the speed reducer market demand growth. It is expected that in 12th Five-Year, China's heavy transport equipment manufacturing industry will continue to maintain a rapid growth momentum, benefit from this, the demand will also be effective reducer.
2, cement machinery industry on the demand for reducer
Cement machinery as an important industry in the revitalization of the cement industry. With the policy of the state of infrastructure support and macro-control efforts of the cement industry increase, cement machinery market demand growth space will be more vast, cement machinery industry will move towards a more reasonable direction. Reducer is used in cement machinery of the second largest category of general machinery equipment, the city scene bearing must be accompanied by strong demand for cement machinery industry and continue upward.
3, metallurgical machinery industry on the demand for reducer
In recent years, under the guidance of the national macro-control, the iron and steel industry strictly control the total production capacity, accelerate the elimination of backward production capacity, strict control of new production capacity. Iron and steel industry after a long-term extensive expansion in urgent need to accelerate structural adjustment and industrial upgrading, and the adjustment to metallurgy heavy machinery manufacturing especially high technology content of high-end equipment manufacturing industry brought a challenge, it also brings opportunities for market.
Overall, the opportunities outweigh the challenges, "12th Five-Year" period of environmental protection and large-scale efficient steel smelting equipment will usher in a new round of rapid growth. As an important auxiliary equipment of metallurgical equipment, the demand of speed reducer in metallurgical equipment will be effectively pulled.
4, the robot industry's demand for the reducer
Robot industry is currently the most attention of the industry, the development of space needless to say. Precision reducer is the most important functional component in the industrial robot, and it is the most important part of the robot industry chain.
According to the national authoritative department predicted that from 2018 to 2015, China's industrial robots in the new demand for the reduction of the volume will reach the. In addition, the domestic market to maintain industrial robots in general life of 8 ~ 10 years, the future of the domestic for precision deceleration of the market demand will be more than 100 million units, annual market sales will exceed 100 million yuan of above.
China has become the main battlefield of the international reducer industry
After 40 years of the rise and fall of the market development, China's reducer products from the initial single cycloidal reducer gear development to now the gear reducer, worm gear reducer and so on, and is widely used in various fields of electric power machinery, metallurgical machinery, environmental protection machinery, chemical machinery, food machinery, mining machinery, construction machinery, hydraulic machinery and other national economy, favored by the market.
Reducer industry in our country after the joint efforts of several generations of people has formed a large industrial scale, at present, reducer products of our country not only to meet the domestic mainstream market demand, but also exported to foreign countries, and holds a place in the international market, can be described as renowned Chinese and foreign, our country has already become the world reducer manufacturing country.
In the national macro-control of the sustained drive, China's reducer industry has gradually developed into the main battlefield of the international reducer industry. World famous enterprises have entered China's Reducer Market, and with excellent brand, strong capital, advanced technology and equipment and other advantages, and domestic reducer enterprise launched a fierce competition. And mainly engaged in general reducer production of domestic enterprises, on the field of industrial special reducer less involved, industrial technology is not mature. Therefore, with foreign advanced enterprise competition, China gear reducer enterprise wants to occupy the dominant position of the market competition, has the market honed for a long time.
The slow recovery of the world economy the global consumer market active again. At the same time, China's macro-economic policy effect appeared and infrastructure investment will continue to strengthen, will drive a metallurgy, electric power, construction machinery and other industries on the demand of the speed reducer