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Development status of robot reducer industry

Release date:2016-06-16 Views:11070

Compared with foreign advanced level, China's robot industry is weak in technology, one of the main performance is the core component technology is weak. The core components of industrial robots are mainly three parts, reducer, AC and DC servo motor, controller, which directly determines the three major industrial robots. In the reducer, the gap between domestic and foreign is particularly evident.
Why do industrial robots need to speed reducer?
In order to ensure that the industrial robot can finish the working procedure reliably in the production, the process quality can be guaranteed when the same action is repeated. Therefore, it is needed to improve and ensure the accuracy of the industrial robot. Servo motor can also guarantee the accuracy, but when the load is large, it is not worthwhile to improve the power of the servo motor is very cost-effective, can be in the appropriate speed range through the reducer to improve the output torque. In addition, the servo motor is easy to heat and low frequency vibration in low frequency operation, and it is not good for the long time and periodic operation of industrial robots to ensure its accurate and reliable operation.
The existence of precision reducer to make the servo motor running at a suitable speed, and the speed down to the speed of industrial robots in all parts of the need to improve the speed of the mechanical body at the same time the output of greater torque. Compared with general reducer, the robot joint reducer has the characteristics of short transmission chain, small size, large power, light weight and easy to control. A large number of applications in the joint type robot reducer mainly has two kinds: RV reducer and harmonic reducer. In the joint type robot, because of RV Reducer has higher stiffness and rotation accuracy generally RV Reducer placed in the frame, the arm and shoulder heavy load position, and the harmonic reducer placed in the forearm, wrist or hand.
Market situation of robot speed reducer
Japan's reducer technology most cow force, when the dominant industry for many years, even abb, FANUC, Yaskawa, KUKA famous international "industrial robot four big families" have been Japanese nabtesco and HarmonicDrive the two companies reducer. Domestic enterprises also use a lot of Japan, although the performance is really good, but really expensive to the death of the reducer. This also severely suppress the profit space of domestic industrial robots.
This phenomenon exists for a number of years, people of insight to see the problem, the capital also saw the staggering profits, some enterprises has been deeply involved in domestic reducer products R & D and sales, at present, including Qinchuan machine, double drive, Han's laser, the ship company, Heng Feng Thai, Nantong Zhen Kang, Wuhan essence, is science and technology a few enterprises are in the vigorous development of the domestic reducer products. Such as the Qinchuan machine tool has now completed the eight types of deceleration device prototype and small batch production to improve the work, the robot deceleration device products are now in more than 20 customers to hang test, small batch test equipment and bulk package installed three stages. Zhejiang Shuanghuan Transmission Machinery Co., Ltd. is the independent research and development of 14 types of industrial robot precision reducer products Expo debut, the market response is good. At present, the company is actively for future reducer production to do the preparatory work. Domestic enterprises hope that with the rapid expansion of China's industrial robot market positive, to achieve the leap forward development of China's reducer industry, to achieve the world's advanced level of vision.